Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Brownies with Chocolate Frosting

This constitutes my first peanut butter recipe. I'm so excited. And not only that, they were pretty tasty. I ate all of them myself. I'm still not sold on the idea, but you can't argue with this much chocolate. Speaking of which...

If you were trying to describe this frosting, I think the word you would be looking for is "fuckawesome". It's the best chocolate frosting I've ever made, though it's best when fresh. (I'm seriously on a roll with this best ever stuff.)

I followed the advice of some of the reviewers and used a little less powdered sugar and a little more cocoa. I only have the dark chocolate on hand (woe is me) so it turned out really nice and concentrated. I even whipped it again after sitting for a while, but didn't notice any graininess to start with so eh. Also, I would spread this pretty soon after mixing, while it's still a little warm, because it hardens up and gets harder to spread. It wasn't the fluffy for days frosting that gets everywhere, rather it stayed hard enough at room temperature that it wouldn't rub off accidentally but was still soft to the tooth.

The brownies turned out springy and didn't try to commit suicide coming out of the pan, which is so lovely. Funny, I forgot it was supposed to be brownies instead of cake until I linked to it. As a note though, I would remove them from the pan immediately, because I let mine cool as is and the sides turned out a little brick-ish. For the batter, I chopped up half a Ghiradelli bar and threw it in. Just cuz.

So far, I'm 1 for 1 on the peanut butter recipes. Actually, I'm a bit more than that, but you'll have to wait for more. In the meantime, be jealous:

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Mariana said...

This looks AWESOME!!! They make my mouth water and THAT FROSTING..I just wanna dive right into it.