Monday, November 19, 2012

Quinoa Blueberry Muffins

A few days before the world was consumed with Superstorm Sandy (after everyone else but me knew, of course), I was determined to actually make something to take to work for breakfast. Once I realized the world was going to end, I figured these muffins were the healthiest thing I had to survive a power outage, ranking high above jerky, peanuts, and chocolate. Mostly, I already made them because I wasn't really planning ahead. I didn't lose power except for a few flickers, but I did enjoy the muffins. Now that's how you do a storm! These muffins were moist, filling, and delicious- everything I require a breakfast muffin to be.

The idea popped in my head that I should use quinoa and the blueberries in my freezer for muffins, apropos of nothing. So I went on the hunt. It yielded far more results than I was expecting, which I think is a good thing for a recipe. It allows you to pick and choose. I roughly followed the recipe, not really bothering to measure anything and it came out really well.

Recently, all my muffins have stuck stubbornly to my cupcake liners, and I can seem to get them out of the tin  cups without the liners. It's a viscious, sticky circle really. So I was very disappointed to try one warm out of the oven since I only got to eat the half that I could dig out. The blogger and her reviewers mentioned that they were better the next day so I let it slide. Lo and behold, the next day they did taste better AND came out of the cups. It's magic!

Buinoa (Or Qlueberry) Muffins