Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unspoiled Rice and Lemonade

So, here we are. Another chicken and rice dish, though thankfully this one is not only edible, it's also safe. And it's damn tasty to boot. Tasty pantry dinners are what life is all about. One package spanish rice, a can of diced onion and garlic tomatoes, and a can of black beans baked with some pre-grilled, frozen chicken strips on top. I think my favorite leftover version is the rice and chicken smothered in cheese on a flour tortilla. Actually, I had that for breakfast.

I like to have flavored drinks around the house because the thought of drinking just water all day kinda makes me want to die. Bereft of soda, I made lemonade with what I had on hand. I really like this recipe. Simple, pantry-friendly, cheap, and good. I've been refilling my gallon jug that used to house the Lipton green tea with citrus. I've been playing with food coloring again.

And a failed attempt at brownies. Still tasty, just not anything resembling a real brownie.

And can we all say hello to this little chap who had been hiding in my refrigerator. He was behind the jugs of spoiled milk, in case you were wondering. See? I'm actually cleaning out my fridge. Aren't you proud?