Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry and Cream Biscuits

Since I've moved into this new apartment, I've done shamefully little cooking. I was fortunate enough to have a sous chef around this weekend, so I planned at least two recipes to try out. Of course, it only ended up being one with the amazing amount of eating out that was done, but this recipe was totally worth it.

I started the hunt for the next recipe last week on Wednesday. Very fortuitous. We have a farmers market, only open on Wednesday, that's on my street. In addition, it called for farm fresh, almost overripe strawberries. I knew I could get some from the market, but Deb pointed out that they are too firm to "melt" properly. I had exactly 25 minutes before the market closed and only one stand had strawberries, but they were precious, ripe, and so sweet. In a nutshell, worth it.

Now, I've made biscuits before. I'm from Georgia. I've had most of them not end up being worth it. Too dry, not buttery enough, burnt. But these! These are intensely buttery and rich, sweet as pie from the strawberries, but not too sweet, moist, delicious. In a nutshell, worth it.

If you're left with almost dead strawberries and don't want to throw them out or drink another smoothie, whip these up. You probably have most of the ingredients on hand. You will not be sorry.

For easy to follow directions, head to Smitten Kitchen.