Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tomato-Radish Salsa

You'll all be relieved to know that I came up with a rather brilliant way to use some of those pickled radishes I made. I've still got all those tortilla chips lounging about on the counter and some of the leftover fresh vegetables in the refrigerator. To round out my work lunches, I decided to try my hand at another salsa.

The base for this one was just a drained can of diced tomatoes. Add a little red pepper and green onion and you've got the bulk of it. If you're a garlic fiend, a little here goes a long, glorious way. Juice half a lime and add a little of the "pickle" juice from your radishes, plus a handful of them chopped and adjust. All mine needed after that was a little salt and pepper.

I like tomato based salsas, and the radishes added that tangy, spicy addition that it needed. I think I like this better than the last one. Salsa may be my new thing.

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Mariana said...

that's one way to do it. hopefully you're keeping this nice and cold in the fridge...only way i'd even attempt to try it. i still just don't think i could do radishes!