Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roasted Carrot and Avacado Salad

I had a bag of baby carrots trying to petrify in my refrigerator after making the most awesome tomato soup ever. In defiance, and because it's me and I refuse to stop trying stuff I don't like, I decided not to just mask the flavor of carrots in other recipes. No, I was going to make it the star.

Unfortunately for me and the avocado that's now unused in my refrigerator, I don't like carrots! I just have to accept that fact for a little while. The flavor is just... wrong. Maybe one day I'll find that recipe that makes me believe or something, but it wasn't this day. *sigh* Maybe I'll just make guacamole or something...

Just in case you were really excited about the idea, I was going to steal the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It looks beautiful over there. Just, you know, full of carrots.

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Mariana said...

Carrot salad the way Mom made was a sweet, crunchy and yummy way to get those carrots down. Crushed pineapple, 1/2 (maybe) can of fruit cocktail, raisins and a bit of mayo to hold it all together and served cold, cold. No, it doesn't completely hide the carrot taste but it sure sweetens it up. I personally like carrots and those over at SK's look absolutely beautiful! You.....keep searching for that ONE recipe. You'll find it.