Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roast Buttered Chestnuts

I'd nearly forgotten. A few months ago I ventured into the classic tradition of roast chestnuts. Gastronomy Domine has a recipe that embellishes a classic flavor with butter. You knew I was all over that, right? Well, I'm not sure how I feel about chestnuts. I think mine were a little past their prime, so they tasted a bit funny. Underneath was the sweet, nutty flavor that is the true flavor. It was nice, but I'm not sure I'm sold. Still, I got to try something new. And for me, that's worth way more.


Mariana said...

Ya know, I felt the same way when I did some at Christmas. My first experience with them and I didn't like them.

Aunt Moy said...

It least you did try something new. I have never roasted chestnuts.