Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last Christmas Round-up

Dude. I cooked like crazy this Christmas. I've totally forgotten a bunch of stuff. I had a third round of baking as a present for my step-dad. I was looking for Splenda recipes that didn't suck, because diabetic food shouldn't taste that way. There were three batches: chocolate with chocolate chip, peanut butter with chocolate chips, and "sugar" cookies. They all turned out pretty well. Can I find the website anymore? No. Still, I managed to pump out dozens in about two hours due to severe dictatorship on my part and a very efficient assembly line.

When me and Dude went to visit my dad, I baked several mini-banana breads using a recipe I'd wanted to try for a while and mini-apple tarts with apples that were wilting. Did I get to try either? No. I even made some for myself this time and forgot about them in the holiday rush. I hear they were great. Maybe I'll cook them again one day and actually tell you what they tasted like.

There was also a bit about yogurt chocolate-chip cookies that Dude said were the best he'd ever had. In my opinion, pretty good but no cigar. Plus, can't find the site. Sigh.

Sorry guys. If I don't write it down or type it up in a timely manner, I might never remember what they are. I'll try harder next time.

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