Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spaghetti Squash

Because of all this squash, I've been searching for interesting-looking recipes. Through all of this, I knew that the spaghetti squash didn't stand a chance. As picky as I was as a child, I remember loving the taste and crisp-crunchiness in lightly spiced spaghetti squash. You couldn't get me to touch carrots, onions, beans or anything else remotely healthy, but I would dig in with gusto when presented with this. Having one just lazing on my kitchen counter proved too much for me. I am weak. I love it. So last night, at two am while I was frantically trying to memorize a speech, I prepared my beloved squash.

Honestly, this does not merit a recipe. Cut squash down the middle, microwave for 8-10 minutes in a dish with a little water. When done, scoop out with a fork, garnish with a little butter, salt and pepper. Enjoy. Sorry about the crappy pic. It was late and I was frazzled- with flavor.

I've seen so many dishes that use spaghetti squash as pasta. I think this is a great alternative for those who cannot process gluten or otherwise forbid themselves carbs. I however don't want anything to cover up the taste that I love so much. In saying this, I did find two recipes that looked quite tantalizing by livening up the delicate taste with lemon or with garlic. Simply dressed so the true flavors can shine through.

More as I cook them.

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