Friday, November 9, 2007

Cold Comfort

Well, today was another day that I meant to make those cookies and didn't. In fact, I didn't make anything and it doesn't look like it'll change tonight. I got a little mopey earlier and it screwed with me a bit. I am, however, constantly reminded of how comforting Ramen noodles is to me. You can laugh now. Really though, some people would be depressed to think that they'll be eating noodles again. On those days, I think "at least I've got Ramen." One of my favorite ways to eat them is to just chow down on the noodle brick- uncooked, unseasoned, and super crunchy.

Seeing as I don't have a recipe, I get to do something else I've been meaning to and haven't- link updates. Oh yeah, it's time. There are so many good food blogs out there that I don't have listed that it's a shame. To start making up for it, here are my regulars. They are all wonderful. Many are cooking related, some like hording recipes, and other like dining out, but they all have good taste and a way with words.

The Wednesday Chef- blogged by Luisa Weiss, a New York cook trying to wade through her stash of New York Times and Los Angeles Times recipe clippings.

Baking Bites- Formerly of Baking Sheet fame. Her new blog chock full of sugary goodness.

Smitten Kitchen- Or Smitt-Kitch, chronicles the obsessive-compulsive cooking of another New Yorker.

Simply Recipes- The place I've been trying to shove you over to for the last few weeks. If you need a recipe for anything, I'm sure you'll find it here. Great blog.

Kalyn's Kitchen- creator of Weekend Herb Blogging and South Beach Diet convert, Kalyn makes meals even die-hard non-dieters like me drool over.

Kitchen Unplugged- here's where I go to oogle food porn. This lady has amazing recipes with even better presentations and pictures. Seriously, this is food as art.

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