Saturday, November 10, 2007


There have been a few types of chocolate that I've meant to talk about here, but keep forgetting. So let's get straight to it, shall we?

Choco-Lina: Rosa Pfeffer Pink Pepper 70% Cocoa- Yep, you read right. Pink pepper berries are spread in sheep's milk dark chocolate. The result? I'm not so fond of it. It sounded interesting, but the pepper doesn't add heat so much as a funky flavor.

Hachez: Cocoa D'Arriba Mango Chili 77%- Again, not so impressed. You can smell the mango when you open it, but the flavor tends to disappear quickly, leaving you with chili that has more of that funky not hot flavor. I don't really like that.

Dolfin Milk Chocolate with Masala- Now, I love trying any kind of unlikely flavored chocolate. As you've seen, I've found quite a few that I didn't think worked. This worked wonderfully to my great surprise. The masala has an undercurrent that works wonderfully with sweets while that little bit of heat made it less cloying. Very nice.

Cote D'Or Noir 86%- 86%, alright? It was like eating cocoa powder. Good, but only when I need an extreme chocolate fix.

New Life Tranquility Chocolate and Lavender bar- Um. I have it on good authority that lavender will blend beautifully with chocolate. I just haven't found any evidence here. The boyfriend didn't mind, but it almost taste like crunching down on a juniper berry to me. Very strange, but I found it to have that strange bitter flavor that goes well with gin and less with sweets. I didn't like it. At all. I even threw the box away before I could get a picture.

It doesn't help that I really want dessert. I'm still craving the dessert I ordered and PAID FOR at Captain D's last night that they forgot to put in my bag. Bastards. I was going to add the recipe for my mom's Very Chocolate Cake. Then I lost it. More correctly, I lost it before, but still. I'll have to find it again, but it's good enough to wait for. Promise.


Mary said...

Wow! Where do you go grocery shopping? They don't sell fancy chocolates like that up here in rural Ohio! I'm so jealous.

Zylo said...

I have to wait until I visit my mom in Northern GA. You can find them at Whole Foods and World market though.