Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler

I've talked once about my ice cream ways. How I tend to eat a few spoonfuls and have had enough yet eat it year round. I love it- just not in huge doses. Of course, every once and a while, I'll sit around and eat half a pint. Last night was one of those nights.

Ben & Jerry's has a few new flavors out- I picked up the Peach Cobbler. It was between that and the creme brulee which sounds great right about now... Anyways, it rocked. Peach ice cream with a peach swirl, peach chunks, and cinnamon shortbread pieces. Overall, really good. It wasn't that overly fake peach flavor that a lot of people use and the peach chunks were real fruit. The swirl tasted good though it had a baby-food consistency. I would take out the shortbread bits though. They lacked flavor and were disconcertingly lifeless is such a fresh-tasting treat. Despite that, I would recommend this when you're looking for something lighter-tasting and fruity. I'll let you know how the creme brulee is later.

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Mary said...

I just tried the Karmel Sutra flavor and it was pretty good. I thought about creme brulee too! (but chocolate and carmel won out.)