Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm Eating Real Food!

Not right now, but in the past few days. Oh yes. I cooked. On a Monday, no less. Who rules now?

Alright, it was a stir fry and most of it was from a can, but hey. It's still real food with healthy junk in it. Topped with unhealthy junk for flavor. My stir frys are never pretty. They're not the gorgeous creations you see in magazines. More often than not, it looks like beige tie-dye. But the flavors are getting better. For Mondays fry I used water chestnuts, bean sprouts, mini-corn -all from a can- the last of the rice noodles, eggs, and tofu for the first time. I think I bought tofu before, but I can't remember. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've cooked with it. See how pretty and distinctive it looked?

Yeah... Anyways, even though I ran out of sesame oil, my sauce has been getting better. I used wasabi paste and powdered ginger to flavor my soy sauce and it was so good that I craved it down to the last bite today. Good leftovers. It's a start.

Also, horror of horrors, my favorite coffee joint is giving a 25% student discount until the end of November. Just as I was trying to wean myself away from it to save money. Gah. If you have an Elliano's chain around, give them a try next time instead of the usual Starbuck's. Very tasty, usually cheaper, and for me, very convenient. I'm sipping my Tuscany Toffee Freezer as I type.

Also also: a cheesecake will be in the works tomorrow. It's the boyfriend's birthday. Wish me luck.

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