Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fresh Start

It's near the end of my day, but I needed something to make me feel better. Today went downhill drastically and rapidly, turning me into a zombie. That's never good. I was going to curl up in front of my monitor with a cup of coffee and a leftover sweet potato muffin from a local bakery I just found. Well, I'm doing even better than that now.

I've been semi-stalking every Yogi Tea vendor in South Georgia for a while now. I've managed to pick up three boxes: two in an organic store in Florida and one here at Big Lots of all places. I had yet to try my Piccadilly Breakfast yet. I discovered the thrill of spicy-hot tea a few months back and thought this might be too bland. Oh-ho! It's anything but.

After my water was ready (microwaved, thank you), I steeped the tea for about 3 minutes. It was overbearingly bitter. I thought all was lost. Yet, after the normal amount of honey and evaporated milk were added, it was probably the best cup of black tea I've ever had. Not to say I'm an expert, but I've had my share of bland, watery cups that can't stand up to anything that's put in them. This blended so serenely with my condiments and improved on them. It's such a full-bodied tea, flavorful and comforting, that I even skipped the muffin. Dessertless? How's that for good tea?

If you're a tea fan, I urge you to pick up a box of this and give it a try. And now, to the best tea picture I've ever taken. Live to Share.

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