Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Homemade Oreos and How to Break Your Mixer

I've been so incredibly lazy this summer and I know it. Wah. I haven't really cooked anything since, but look! I'm making the effort to bring you the wonderful recipe I promised near a month ago. I said I was going out the next day to bake cookies, and by God I did!

I first found the recipe on the Smitten Kitchen blog (link at bottom) and found I had all the ingredients to make them. That's usually the deciding factor on whether I ever get around to making most recipes or not. Well, it was the cookies' lucky day. They were just as great as promised- sweet but not overly so and chocolaty good. It's uncanny how they taste exactly like real oreo's. I think I'll make the chocolate cookies again because I loved the almost savory quality to them, but I'll skip the filling. I forgot before I made them that I'm not an Oreo freak.

A few pointers and a how-to:

Make sure that your dough balls for the cookies are small- like really small- if you want them to be Oreo sized. Mine spread like crazy and turned out HUGE. Also, unless you like the double-stuffed Oreos, you might want to cut down on the filling amounts.

If you've ever daydreamed of new and inventive ways to break kitchen appliances, step right up. I chose the ziploc bag technique for filling. If you feel so inclined, make sure to insert beaters into filling bag and turn mixer on high. The cream filling will immediately cling to the insides of the bag and put up just enough resistance to rip the plastic casings right off your machine. Yay!

Don't be appliance stupid like me. Instead, be smart like me and try these cookies. While you're over there, make sure to surf around her blog; it's chock full of goodies.

Smitten Kitchen:

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