Monday, June 18, 2007

Why Tacos Make Me Happy

If you're like me, it seems that everything you cook from a recipe just turns out sub-par. I would love to blame it on the recipe. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I can't. I've got years and years ahead of me to improve my cooking skills. But it's those days that the simplest of meals turns sour that makes you wonder why you do it sometimes. There's some monster in me that screams when I've gone too long without cooking. To appease it doesn't take much. As long as I get off my ass long enough to trick out a frozen meal or something from a can, I know I'm on the long road to cooking recovery. That's why tonight is a good night. I'm making tacos.

Tacos are something you cannot- absolutely cannot- mess up. It's unthinkable. It's impossible. Thank god. You usually have most of the stuff on hand and prep is reduced to brown meat and heat shells, less if you're going vegetarian. They can be as dressed up or dressed down as you please. And the most incredible part for me: I will actually eat the leftovers. I'm a leftover girl; I love them. But is seems that I usually won't eat them if I've made them from a recipe- especially the Sunday Nighters. I'm going to eat the hell out of these suckers. And that makes me incredibly happy. So happy that I'm attempting homemade mei fun. Winn Dixie finally had the cellophane noodles in and I snatched them.

I found the 101 Way to Make Ramen Noodles Cookbook by Toni Patrick today at Books-a-Million. I have phases with Ramen noodles. I always love them, but I forget they exist sometimes. I feel another creative spurt concerning my crunchy friends coming on. Possibly tomorrow.

I also have reviews coming soon. I promised a Blue Bunny write-up a while ago that I haven't gotten around to yet and something on the Amy's brand of organic foods. Maybe some of my fallback Ramen masterpieces if you're lucky.

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