Monday, January 15, 2007

National Hot Tea Month

The past few weeks have been a series of very odd coincidences. Not huge ones. Not ones that really affect me in any way. Not ones that are even that bad. Still, they are coincidences nontheless. This... afternoon really... I discovered on another food blog, Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea (linked below since I haven't yet figured out my link deal), that January is National Hot Tea Month.

This just so happens to be one of those strange coincidences since my tea kick started back up about two weeks ago and I was drinking a cup of tea while reading the entry. I have a "drink cart" in my kitchen that holds all my drink mixes. I currently have more tea than I really know what to do with. I think my goal is to start finishing off what I have so that I can finally order a box of Yogi Tea's Black Chai. That one sample bag spoiled me so rotten that no other chai now comes close. My tea list is as follows:

Cozytime Chamomile
Bigelow Mint Medley
Vanilla Chai
Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger
Raspberry Zinger
Mandarin Orange Spice
Canadian Vanilla Maple
Teahouse Chai
Hedley's Green Tea
Snapple Mango Green Tea (currently sipping)
Great Value Orange Pekoe
Twinings Red Bush
A dozen or so bags of some kind of flu tea
Miscellaneous bags scattered across the kitchen

Does anyone here drink Red Bush tea? I can't seem to make it taste like anything other than dirty tree bark. I mean, the name is Red Bush, but I can't make it palatable. Until then, it will remain hidden in the back of my drink cart where it can't hurt anything.

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You can find more National Hot Tea Month banners on her site as well as a delicious looking new recipe for Chocolate Marshmallow Tarts.

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