Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tea Time Scones and Lemon Curd Review

So, a few hours after I posted my last message, I decided that I needed to act on this newfound tea month. I've been meaning to make scones now for several weeks because I've had clotted cream and two kinds of lemon curd sitting in my refrigerator taunting me. Sometimes you must give in. I chose a recipe off of for its simplicity. The link again is at the bottom. I used dried cranberries because I had half a bag on my shelf and also decided to add some dried rosemary. I was a bit apprehensive about that, but they turned out beautifully- sweet, slightly savory. It went well with my sweet condiments and the cheese and venision sausage I added later.

This was also my first experience with clotted cream. I've wanted to try it for quite some time now. I managed to pick up a 1 ounce jar of it from World Market about a month back. It's even from the Devon Cream Company, so color me shocked. It wasn't what I expected. Not to say that it wasn't sinful, but I guess the word cream made me think of a more cream cheese consistency. It was more like cold, unsalted butter. It was exceptionally creamy, but there was no real flavor to be found. I'm not sure it I enjoyed it more because I actually liked the way it worked with warm scones or because I basked in the hardening of my arteries through cholesterol. Either way, it made me feel all warm and accomplished.

My mother passed off an entire jar of lemon curd on me because she was not fond of it. Robertson's Lemon Curd tastes more like very sweet lemon pie filling. There's nothing inherently wrong with that; it's just too much for me. I made the crust days ago for a lemon curd and kumquat tart, but have yet to make it. I also picked up a 1 ounce of Duerr's English Traditional Lemon Curd at world market with my clotted cream. I've yet to try it but I have higher hopes for this one.

Tea update: Lipton makes an apple cinnamon tea that is nice. I could have done with more spice, but as it was it tasted like a mellow apple pie, and there's nothing wrong with that. One of the girls I work with hates tea, but came into possession of four boxes that she's giving to the rest of us. That was one of four. I'll have updates as I steal more.

Scone Recipe Link: href=",1954,154182-230201,00.html">

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