Friday, April 1, 2011

GF Batter Fried Fish and Mushrooms


I could go into a bunch of backstory and crap, but let's cut to the chase here.

1) I used buckwheat flour so it looks like mud.

2) Whoever came up with this recipe is a GENIUS! No struggling to create a crushed Chex-mix or cornmeal batter, just smooth sailing and good results.

I am a staunch fried seafood fan, but I don't make it at home. Why? You can't get crazy puffy batter fried to a greasy crisp fish like a fast food restaurant at home. Until now. Oil spill, why must you be so far away! I could put you to good use!

I guess I should also add 3) I ran out of oil and couldn't use my deep fryer. So I used less oil on lower heat and got totally greasy, greasified, Grease Fish. Which is fine with me.

Try. Fry. Eat with gluten free tartar sauce and Hooter's sauce. You were totally gonna forget the Hooter's weren't you. It's okay. I remind you. Don't worry that you've eaten nothing nutritionally sound and focus on the fact that fish is healthy! So are mushrooms! Win!

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Mariana said...

I had to laugh at this post. When you said "mud" that was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the batter: whoa, what's that stuff; looks like mud! LOL