Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vegan Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

You heard right. We're back on whoopie pies chez Z and we're doing it vegan-style this time. Whoopie pie remix.

If you thought I'd had enough of them last time, you were wrong. Once I figured out that they tasted so much better without gobs (heh) of filling, I'm ready for more. Plus, this is an excuse to buy vegan cream cheese. Oh fake cream cheese, can you be as satisfying as your namesake?

Quick answer is no.

But it does have it's only qualities that don't make it suck. For instance, in this filling you can't tell it's not cream cheese. When mixed with other things, including lemon juice which gives it that nice tart cream cheese flavor, you wouldn't know it's vegan. (I decided to add some raw cacao powder to this batch, because pumpkin and chocolate are made in heaven.) On it's own, it's a different story. It doesn't taste bad, but it's not something I'd smear on a bagel and eat on it's own. However, you throw some chives and toasted sesame seeds on the same bagel with it and it's a party. Plus, it's easier to work with straight from the refrigerator since it's not as hard.

Overall, these whoopies were EXCELLENT. I loved the texture of the pies. One thing that may have made these so deliciously moist was replacing the oil with apple sauce and using more, you guessed it, buckwheat flour. I also cut the sugar in the pies in half. These are so decadent, I couldn't tell the difference. So can you make vegan whoopie pies that are the shit? Yes you can. And you should. If you are so inclined to try, check out the recipe I used here. Happy dairy-free baking.

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