Thursday, March 24, 2011

GF Mac and Cheese of Ultimate Awesomeness

Okay, this post is not meant to show you the definitive mac and cheese recipe, though this one was damn good. This is to clear gluten-free pasta of it's bad name. So far, I've had quinoa and corn, brown rice, and white rice pasta. They all had tiny quirks, but overall I've been hugely impressed. So when it comes to one of America's favorite comfort foods, don't be afraid to cut the cheese. *snort*

For my mac, I decided to try a brown rice twist pasta. The recipe I used called for a bit of parboiling, which I thought would be safer. You know what? My pasta didn't fall apart. If you overcook any pasta it will get too soft, so don't be overzealous. Just treat it like normal pasta and you'll be cool. For the cheesy bits, I used mostly medium cheddar with some colby, feta, and parm. Use whatever you have, though personally I stay away from sharp cheddars. Whatever your preference, use a ton of it.

I've heard a lot lately about the sub-par... ness of gluten free pasta. Maybe I'm not experienced enough with it. Maybe I have no clue about what I'm saying. But why don't you give it a try for yourself. Perhaps you'll look at the starchy stuff in a new light or find a new favorite everyone can live with. Mkay.

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