Monday, November 2, 2009

Blueberry Buckle with Lemon Syrup

Whilst wandering around The Wednesday Chef one day, I saw this recipe. Nothing really caught my eye; it wasn't striking for me or anything. However, with my fancy whole wheat flour taking up expensive real estate in my refrigerator, I was keeping my mind somewhat more open to ideas. It wasn't until I found a Baking Bites(a great place for inspiration) buckle using whole wheat that I connected the dots.

Thus the buckle was created in my kitchen. However, the "buckle" part never happened. My suspicion is that the whole wheat didn't allow it to rise enough for the fruit to pull it back down. Plus, the whole wheat negated some of the sweetness, rendering it more of a coffee cake than before. Not that I minded. It was lovely for breakfast or for a snack. I used the flour/whole wheat flour ratio used on Baking Bites for this one in case you needed a reference.

Despite the fact that I dirtied up an extra dish thinking I needed a huge one for the not so huge amount of mix, this turned out pretty well. The cake was moist but not overly sweet, the blueberries (mine were frozen) held up well, and the lemon syrup was tangy and sweet. My experience with berry desserts is low mostly due to the fact that when I think dessert, I think chocolate. But this is much more versatile and started getting my ideas going. There will be more in the future.

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