Friday, August 7, 2009

Pickled Radishes

Riffling through a few sites of real Ramen recipes inspired me to branch out my ingredients. This also led me to pondering the existence of pickled radishes. To my memory, I've never had them. But surely something as zesty on its own, like a humble radish, would benefit from a tangy-sweet bath in pickling juice. And so they did. These were lovely and tangy and spicy. Though they were meant for Ramen experimentation, the few times I've chucked a couple slices in hasn't really sold me on the idea. So instead, I've been eating them as is, straight from the jar as a snack. Ideas?

Of course, I can't find the recipe I based this on, though I didn't follow it exactly anyways. I started off with a mix of sugar and sushi rice vinegar. Then I mixed in a healthy bit of salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes. Let sit overnight in the fridge and shake every once in a while. I just used those cheap little baggies of radishes and they turned out so pretty. See?


Mariana said...

Yep, they're pretty alright. Ideas??? other than salads, or possibly chopped kinda fine but still chunky and put on a burger instead of a pickle.. I dunno. Do they still have that radishy dirt taste? I just don't do radishes but the tanginess of this one has me curious.

Zylo said...

Considering I don't think they taste like dirt, I have no idea. They remind me of spicier, cleaner-tasting pickles.