Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horsecreek Winery

I went to my first real wine tasting this past week(If you weren't convinced of my laziness before...). I've been really lucky to meet this network of people who always have something going on in such a small town. Much to my surprise, there is a winery in Nashville, Georgia. This tiny little place is on my way home and not too far out of the way, but who would have guessed it?

With a group of about 15 people, we reserved their tasting room for our little vino party. With most of the wines derived from muscadine grapes, it might be more of an acquired taste, but I thought it was nice overall. Several of the wines had what one taster described as a bit of "skunk". The nicest way to phrase that might be musky, but yeah. It was kinda skunky. Despite that, they still had a few good ones and an awesome wine slushy. I don't think any of the bottles are over $15 and I walked out with my favorite red of the night, a merlot-carbernet mix called Hahira Red that lacked the sweetness found in most of the others. We even got to keep our wine glasses.

The most enjoyable part of the evening wasn't the wine. The staff there, including what I assume to be the wife of the grower and one of the owners led us through the tasting. She openly declared that none of them were wine drinkers before and had no idea how to use the fancy terminology of the aficionados. It was awesome. The owner and her two helpers were very nice. The atmosphere was refreshingly casual, with their four dogs roaming the grounds and two of the smaller ones camping out under our chairs waiting for love. I'm so glad someone found out about it and I could enjoy it with such a great crowd. It's amazing to think that I couldn't have done anything like this just a year or two ago.

If you'd like to check out the winery, or you're in the area and looking for something to do, check out their website for more information. Don't let the skunk put you off. A wine tasting might put you out $10 or so, but even if you don't find anything you like it's a very enjoyable time for pretty damn cheap.

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