Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spinach--Cheese Bake

Oh, how I love Winn-Dixie. I remember when I lived in Tifton and all I had were the local southern grocery chain and Walmart. Winn-Dixie just seems so... fancy in comparison. Not that I don't like Harvey's and their sometimes local produce, buy hey! I like variety. And I LOVE the buy one get one sales with my Winn-Dixie card. I sound like a commercial don't I? I can't help it. Remember all those "I've got more potatoes than I know what to do with" posts? Those were buy one get one.

My newest catch? Two bags of spinach. These have a tendency to go bad on me really fast. Either that or I just forget about them so completely that it seems to fly by, which is just as likely. I know you're all greatly worried about the health of my spinach, so let me assure you, at least one bag has gone to good use.

Casseroles are like the dump cakes of the savory world and few things are as easy or delicious. I actually made this one for breakfast. Holy Hell, this stuff smelled good in the oven. I was starving when it came out. I love the directions for this too, three steps. However, if you're finicky about mixing, you may want to measure out all the dry ingredients together before adding the wet. I just dumped it all in one bowl.

I did make a few substitutions though. I used half hot habanero cheese and half cheddar, because that's what I had. I left out the cayenne for obvious reasons. I think I used less cheese than called for, but I only had 9 oz of spinach too instead of the 12. I used the two full eggs, but kinda ghetto mixed the 4 egg whites with the egg replacement powder I have. Seriously, 6 eggs? No. Oh, and coating the dish with melted butter what genius. Genius!





Make your own! Spinach-Cheese Bake from here.


Mary said...

Wow that looks great! Did you get a new camera? You photos are looking fabulous!

Mariana said...

This looks delicious! I'll have to pick up some spinach tomorrow and try it. Last night I made your Kale soup and it turned out great. Jimmy loved it.

Zylo said...

Thanks Mary. No new camera, I tried the super secret technique of taking more than one picture before I wolf something down and using natural light. Obvious, but things I don't do all the time.

Mariana said...

I got the stuff to make this tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out for me. I agree with you, I think I'll take those 6 eggs down to 4 and see what happens...there's really not a lot of liquid to justify 6 eggs.