Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Developments

Well well. I had a busy day yesterday.

Let's start by saying that roasted potatoes with my left-over horseradish butter from the steak was not a good idea. Butter + potatoes= no flavor. Also, let's say that roasting rosemary chicken with onion and garlic powder over similarly flavored potatoes was a great idea. That is, of course, until my oven committed suicide. There I was, minding my own business, when I hear something like welding coming from the kitchen. I open the oven door to see bright light. Oh, nothing to worry about. I just set my oven on fire again. These things happen fairly often, so I turned it off and kept the door closed. The sound of grating, rattling metal went away.

However, when I opened the door minutes later to take the food out, parts of the coil were still orange. And disconnected. And laying on the floor. A comedian once pointed out that if something is wrong with one side of the body, we immediately check the other to compare. (Of course, you could just have two tumors in the same spot, so be careful.) The other side didn't do the dippy thing. Crap. The coil had somehow snapped, fallen, and dry-roasted the bottom of my oven. I am not happy. This means maintenance men stomping around my kitchen and scaring my cats. I think I'll be cooking off the stove for a while. Or hey! A whole session on microwave cooking. I know you'll all want to read about that. Sigh.

Anyways, I ordered pizza today so I think I'll be fine for a while. They even got my order right. Pizza, iced tea, and possibly my best friend will more than make up for all this.

Also notice that I messed with the page elements a bit. I was finding it hard to navigate around my own blog, so I organized for clarity and ease of use. I added a search function that will allow you to search the site without sifting through archives as well as searching for any item or term you like on google. Let me know if something doesn't work or I just screwed things up further.


Mariana said...

Nope, sorry. Call them today and leave a message on their machine. Get it done. You have to have that stove. I have spoken!! Your horseradish butter sounds good with the chicken and the potatoes looked good too.

Zylo said...

I never said I wasn't going to get it fixed. I just meant if it takes a while I'm not going to starve. You're mean to me.

rebekah the scaredy-cat said...

I'm sorry I didn't come down...(cries) However I will be giving a speech while terrified to make up for it, and I will look fantastic while giving it!!

Mariana said...

Okay, I really was just worried about the Amish starter!! :p

Oh -- answer my email. ly mom

Mary said...

Don't worry, I've set many an oven on fire and I've never come close to starving. It can be a pain in the butt though getting it fixed.