Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow and Ice Cupcakes

Remember those cookies for teachers? If you've learned anything about me it's that you get treats if you're nice. Well, the apartment staff has been very nice and I decided to thank them. Since I saw these Snow and Ice Cupcakes on the Shazam blog, I knew I had to make them. I was going to follow the recipe! Really! But obviously didn't. It's totally my fault and I've been kicking myself all day, but not too hard since they turned out great.

I made the cupcake exactly like the recipe said, though I combined steps because I was short on bowls. I did one pan of mini-cup cakes for the staff, one loaf tin for the Best Friend's parents, and big cupcakes for me and mine. Use liners! I don't know what was wrong, but these did not want to come out of the tins. I think I didn't spray enough, but beware. The cupcakes aren't white-chocolate flavored, it just gives them that creaminess and a hint of something more. Originally, I thought there was too little mint extract, but it's enough. It's just there to hint and be pleasant, not gargle for you.

So far so good. Naturally at this point I hit a snag. I didn't buy enough eggs. Okay, fine, I said I'd buy them today. Only I woke up late, the staff office closes at 4 pm, and I'm trying to get everything ready for leaving tomorrow. So I flaked. Utterly jumped ship. I was so excited too! I've never made a buttercream frosting and you should see her pictures of it: so soft and fluffy and I just want to roll in it good. But lo! There was a tub of whipped chocolate frosting in my pantry. (Seriously, where the hell did this come from?) About 1/4 tsp of mint extract and a spin with the mixer and done.

The apartment staff even left little cards with a candy cane for all the residents last night. Perfect timing because I didn't plan on making the peppermint bark with it. Candy Cane + Meat Mallet = Peppermint flakes. Sprinkled them over top, slapped them in a lined gift box reused from a gift, and they were off.

Now this may be one ugly cupcake, but believe me they are ridiculously good. With the buttercream frosting you get an after dinner mint, with the chocolate you get candy. Either way, they'll be delicious. If you want to see the recipe or photos of cupcakes that turned out beautiful, go to the Shazam in the Kitchen blog right now! I'll be stuffing my face.

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Mary said...

You are too kind! Your cupcakes look damnass good too! Don't worry I always find reasons to make buttercream icing. Of course I don't ever have icing in the pantry. I'm impressed by that.