Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chocolate Drizzled Lemon Cookies

Well, here we are. The end of Saturday and only one batch of cookies. Still, I did manage to bake them- so laborious- and even blog about it. Blogging now is just what I do at the end of the day. Stress about getting content all day, then blog when it's dark; meaning stress over having done nothing blog worthy all day then remember that's it's only 4 pm. I hate that.

Chocolate Drizzled Lemon Cookies

The cookies: eh. My first batch came out beautiful on top, burnt on the bottom after the minimum amount of time. I raised them to the highest rack and all was well. After a judicious scraping with a butter knife, the burnt ones aren't bad. The cookies themselves have a lovely crisp texture reminiscent of shortbread. They lack lemon though. If I make these again, I'd add at least 2 tsp of lemon extract instead of one. I used up all my lemon zest too, so I added some other zest. Could be orange, but I think it was kumquat. I was afraid of adding lemon extract to the melted chocolate since I wasn't sure if it would mess with it. When I say afraid, I mean I added it immediately and damn the consequences.

Okay, guys, do not use a whole bag of chocolate chips. It calls for a 12 ounce bag- use half a bag. Also, adding butter to the melted chocolate was probably a mistake for me- I would have been able to drizzle it otherwise. This resulted in me "piping" it on top of the cookies instead. I didn't want to overwhelm them, but I did not scimp on chocolate blobs.

I had to come up with an alternate use for all that chocolate because you know it was NOT going to get thrown away.

So do you eat the head or the limbs of animal crackers first?

[Insert mental image of penis-shaped chocolate here]*

If you're unamused by this, I can assure you that you're old or too conservative. Surely. As you can see however, I am four and get to spend the rest of the night staring at them and giggling. My mom gave me chocolate molds that she didn't use, which saved the chocolate, but you couldn't expect me not to whip out my favorite ice cube tray too now could you? Besides, Christmas shapes are boring.

What the hell were we talking about? Cookies! Right. The recipe was a good idea. If you make it, use more lemon extract and less chocolate. I've... gotta go now. You know where I'll be.

* The photo Nazi's have decided a chocolate penis the size of chapstick was evil and subversive. Well, maybe, but it sure was delicious.


Mary said...

Your MOM had chocolate molds like that? wow.

I feel like a square. I have some fun bunny molds.

Zylo said...

Lol! I WISH my mom had molds like that. No, she gave me Christmas shaped molds. The penis ice cube tray was all mine.

MOM said...

That's because, I apparently didn't raise you right!!! Just for the record- your pic isn't showing up right now (Google probably has you on their warning list by now!!!) cause I KNOW what those things look like! You shame yourself!! HAHAHA