Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

At first, I planned on making cookies today. Then I realized that I'd eaten all the leftovers from my bean soup and potatoes. Wah! That means little edible "real" food around the house. Funny enough, my refrigerator is packed.

That's right. Most of it's dead. Honestly, I have a huge salad bowl in there with remains of a Sunday Dinner from the summer. It's so scary that every time I've "cleaned out" my frige since, I haven't touched it. I'm scared. But it's high time I've done this. You may be asking yourself what on earth I'm doing living with a disgusting frige. Well, it's a number of things- the "Laze" at the top. A lot of it is the fact that I have a dish phobia and hate touching them even long enough to put them in the dishwasher. Yeah, I've got one. Nah, I don't really use it often. Two, the trash gets HEAVY with the cast offs and it makes taking them out a pain. I live in an apartment complex where the dumpsters are farther away than I'm used to. Isn't that sad? I'm so bad at this.

I do try sometimes. I'll get it down to a manageable level. But this sucks. All the new food I make gets stacked on old food past its prime until it's like this again- wall to wall junk with absolutely no room for more. Plus, a lot of that is good food. I just can't find it when I need it so it goes to waste. I started working on this "situation" as I made this soup. Yay!

To the soup. I modified a recipe from the Simply Recipe blog. I had a jar of roasted peppers that needed to be used and out of the refrigerator. Plus, I discovered an entire bag of Russet potatoes that I didn't know I had and need to be used before they start to funk. Plus, I had all the ingredients on hand. Can't beat that. See? I'm working on it already!

Verdict: This would have been SO MUCH BETTER with enough red pepper. I'm sure there was enough in the original recipe, but all I had was a 16oz jar. It had good flavor, but there wasn't enough to cancel out the potatoes. Still, the rest of the Hooter's sauce finished it well enough. I also added a can of tomato sauce and omitted the milk to cut back on overwhelming the tenuous pepper taste. It's still good- and if it's not add Hooter's- but I'll be sure to make it right the next time. Tasty despite me.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup from Simply Recipes

PS- You see how I've surpassed the number of posts for all the monthly totals since the creation of this blog and it's only the 7th of the month?

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Mary said...

Don't feel too bad about your fridge. I'm impressed you could fit that much in there and still have it look semi neat. My husband and I have a fridge that packed of food that I think is not passed it's prime, but we have to take things out to see what's behind it. Stuff like quarts of heavy cream and stuff like that.
And we have a separate fridge for beer, soda, juice boxes, etc.