Thursday, November 1, 2007

Buttery Apple Torte and My Apple Fiasco

First off, here's to NaBloPoMo! And all the headaches this is going to cause me.

Second, I made something! It's the Buttery Apple Torte recipe I listed before from the wonderful Simply Recipes blog. Please visit this site as it's wonderful, one of my old favorites, and is never wrong.

The torte mix itself- the batter-y part- wasn't particularly special. But the apples! I think it's a mixture of cooking them beforehand and the lemon zest, but my apples did NOT have that much flavor and zing when raw. They just popped in this torte and made it taste so good. I mean, look at these babies. They're not exactly in their prime to start with.

So, I was all excited and I ate my little 4x4" slice of torte straight from the dish. This is before I dug in.

Then I was good and wrapped it up for the refrigerator.

Only, two days later max I went to get me some more of that good torte only to find it had mold on it! Two days in the refrigerator and MOLD! I could not believe it. I was crestfallen. All that for a few mouthfuls. Good recipe. Bad memory.

Thirdly, I would like to whine some more. I don't blame the apples. Really, I don't. BUT I think I blame the people at the apple festival. I paid $5 for a half-peck of apples only to find them so bruised I had to trash them a few days later. My mom suggested apple sauce- after I bagged them of course. I don't know what happened. I salvaged another half of an apple to try a Better Homes and Garden recipe for apple hummus, which by the way, blech. But that was it. One moldy torte and another crappy recipe. That makes me a sad panda. I feel like I wasted my money.

The puzzling thing is, my other half-peck is doing great. They're just hanging in my refrigerator, being cool. I will do something with them. I'm just currently mourning my last two flubs and trying to move past them. Maybe one day soon...

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