Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dulce De Leche Oreos

Have you ever heard of these things? I hadn't until I stepped into a Big Lots. I don't mind picking up name brand or interesting looking things at closeout places because they're so much cheaper. It's all written in spanish, so I'm guessing that's why I've never really heard of them. Still, it's always cool for me to see what the big names are marketing to different target groups. I hope everyone can find a box of these because they're worth it.

They look like Halloween cookies. Maybe they're a seasonal product. But it's still the same old Oreo chocolate cookie on the outside. But the inside, now there's a treat. I'm not a huge fan of regular Oreos. Yes, they're nice, but not something I want all the time, especially without milk. These I can eat without milk. It's an interesting combination of the slightly unsweet chocolate cookie against something that is almost, but not quite caramel. It wasn't bland, but it almost had a calming taste to it. Like it was a real fall cookie that you pair with coffee, a blanket, and a fireplace. I'm very impressed with these little gems. See if you can pick yourself up a box in your area. They won't disappoint.

Why the Foster's? Look at it! It's huge. I put them on a full size dinner plate and it dwarfs it. And yeah, that's what I was drinking with them. No, I don't recommend the combination. Though they'd probably go well with Guinness.

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