Sunday, April 15, 2007

Apple Muffins

Several weeks ago now, I decided to buy a 6 pack of yogurt from the Stonyfield Farm organic line. Yobaby yogurt features very happy babies on the front of each individual cup of apple and blueberry flavored... something. I should have known better, really. The only thing geared for babies that tastes good are pureed fruits. The swirls of cinnamon evil overpowered the syrupy fruit yogurt and resulted in something altogether too sweet and gloppy to be enjoyed by anyone over the age of four. Don't get me wrong, my sweet tooth has led me down the path of sin my whole life. I've even resorted to melting candy bars on cookies, but this isn't to be believed. Of course, organic yogurt isn't exactly a cheap, throw-away product here. I'd been meaning to use it in muffins for quite some time now, but am just getting to it. It's not THAT expired. Really. Besides, I just got home today from Ren Fest and am atoning in my own half-assed way.

Regardless, I need to use up things in my refrigerator and pantry. I threw two cups of the apple yogurt with an eggwhite into a Jiffy white cake mix, stirred in some dried apples, and bake for about 25 minutes at 350 F. Fortunately, the result was much more palatable than the yogurt itself. Unfortunately, it was still too sweet. The heavy syrup of the yogurt and a sweet cake mix is too much for more than one muffin. Still, there's a little sweetness around the house now. The next challenge will be to rid myself of the blueberry cups.

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