Friday, March 23, 2007

Mojito Martini's?

I finally found my Van Gogh Espresso Vodka. I also as in the company of a very helpful store employee who traded out that bottle for the plain vodka in a sampler set with all of the Van Gogh line’s new flavors. It included: plain, espresso, double espresso, mango, pineapple, mojito mint, melon, and coconut. Yes, I was ecstatic.

Tonight, I decided that lounging on my patio with a bit of that mint would do me just fine. It tasted like a good peppermint shnapps. It was crisp and not cloyingly sweet. More like a Rumple Minze and less of a De Kuyper. One of the descriptions I found online indicated that it was supposed to have a hint of citrus. There was also small halved lemons on the bottle, but I could not for the life of me taste it. Regardless, it would make a fine addition to a mojito in very small quantities. The strength would need to be offset with the bite of lemon and sweetness of syrup. I have a bartender friend at Ruby Tuesday who told me they use Bacardi Limon and seltzer along with the other ingredients. They really gives it that fresh kick that I think a drink like that should have. If I had some those and a simple syrup, I might make myself a little too happy. Funny enough, the Van Gogh website was lacking in mojito recipes for their signaturely named vodka- only martinis. This, I think, will have to be remedied.

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