Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mom's Cheeseball

And I mean that in the literal sense, not the corny joke sense. I was forced invited to a Christmas party this year. Now, I'm a good Southern girl and I'm terrified to show up to some one's house without food in hand. Now this was after my two day cookie bake-a-thon, so I wanted something low key and easily snackable. Plus, I don't think the holidays are complete without a cheese ball.

My mom has a trusty recipe that I remember from way back when. Since it only has a few key ingredients that are simple and leave lots of room for playing with additions, I chose that route. Her recipe starts with 8 ounces of cream cheese and half a cup of butter, both softened. I added a bit more. After you mix the crap out of them, I threw in a few tablespoons of powdered ranch dressing then spooned it into a cling-wrap bedecked bowl. Once you've shaped it into a ball (or log, or swan, ect), pop in the refrigerator overnight covered well. And yes, I totally bragged to people how brilliant I was to put it in a round shaped bowl. Shaped and stored without fuss. I'm awesome.

Next day, coat with softened sharp cheddar spread and cover with nuts, bacon bits, jelly-beans, whatever your heart desires. Here's the loveliness after the wolves descended.

My mom says she's got a great recipe from my aunt for another cheese ball. Since I think cheese balls should be a year round thing, I may have to try that soon. Do you guys have any favorites?

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