Sunday, July 25, 2010

Applebutter Pie

Second pie, as promised.

A while ago, I was schlepping around Baking Bites and found this recipe. My mom is an avid canner and I usually have enough jam or jelly on hand to bathe in. You know, if I wanted to be sticky and potentially have little seeds where the sun don't shine. Ahem. One of those jams is her famous (as far as I'm concerned) applebutter that as often as not gets eaten just with a spoon. You cannot resist it. Also, you can't resist a pie recipe that takes four ingredients and less than an hour. This is the laziest lazy person pie, I promise.
What does it taste like? Well, that will probably depend a lot on the apple butter you use. The thicker and richer the butter, the better the flavor and texture. I think my applebutter was a little too thin and I used way too much, so I ended up with a huge ramekinful of filling. Overall though, probably because of the spices, it does taste a good deal like pumpkin pie. I think next time I might experiment with a layer of apples underneath. Just for a little more heft.

What are you waiting for? A formal invitation? Go there and dig in.

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Mariana said...

This was really tasty and I forgot to tell you while you were here. Sorry, but it was very good.