Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Starting from Scratch

Here it is. This is the picture I took of the kitchen when I was still apartment hunting. Notice the small but efficient work area and the high ceilings.

For something that's roughly 8'x8' (64ish square ft), it's jammed with convenience. Refrigerator with icemaker (that doesn't work right now), dishwasher, double barrel sink with garbage disposal and sink sprayer (also doesn't work now), stove, lots of upper cabinets, and places to stow knick-knacks overhead. Wow, huh?

Okay, not all of it works now (I'm looking at you sprayer and ice maker), but it's still doable. Plus, I could use more cabinet space because, yes, I do have that much stuff. My oven is on the small side or at least much smaller than I'm used to, but servicable.

And aside from the general blah aparment colors, there's really nothing to whine too much about.

Since there's not enough room in the kitchen and no built-in pantry, I'm back to using ye-olde stand-up pantry.

Which is fine. If nothing else it will encourage me to use what I have and only buy what I'll use. My refrigerator is filling up slowly but nicely.

Of course, recently the only things I've cooked so far are Lipton Noodle Soup mixes, frozen pizza, and reheated onion rings. But not to worry! I'm excited about settling in here and hope to have lots of new things going on soon. Until then, eat better than I am.

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