Thursday, March 4, 2010

Turkish Breakfast

I'm currently dating a Turkish fellow who decided it was time that I discovered the joy of a decent Turkish breakfast. Generally, this includes some meat, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, green peppers, cheese, bread, and whatever else you can throw together. Our meal started with frying up a little sucuk (garlic sausage pronounced soo-jook) in a pan, then cracking a few eggs on top.

Add some Turkish feta, olives, tomato, and bread. Pour some coffee or black tea and water. Done.

Since I'm always complaining about American breakfasts full of the same old crap that's too sweet for that time of day, this was perfect. Best breakfast I've had in a long time. Plus, I didn't even have to do dishes.

In the spirit of food I didn't make, why don't you check out these gorgeous henna-inspired spice cookies over at Sprinkle Bakes?

Or think about busting out an edible bouquet for your next party buffet?


Mariana said...

Oh my gosh, your breakfast looks totally wonderful. I can almost smell it cooking!!
I LOVE those cookies. When are you gonna make some and have one for me? :p
Like the new look here. Thought at first that you had change your blog host and that I was at the wrong blog! Looks nice.

Moy said...

Awesome looking breakfast. Of course i wouldnt fix anything that "fancy" for myself...I know, I should splurge sometimes. hehe Those cookies were beautiful, never seen anything like that. Glad to see you back cooking again. Love you, aunt moy