Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bok Choy, Leek, and Yellow Pepper Saute

Sometimes what you need is something simple. Something a little healthier than you might be getting, but quick and very uncomplicated. This was it. Schlepping around Simply Recipes always gives me ideas, but this recipe was what I needed to make. Immediately. In all honesty, I went out to the grocery store about half an hour later and started right when I got home. The recipe called for very few ingredients, all of the pantry stuff I had on hand. When all you need to buy is fresh vegetables, you know it's going to be a good night.

You needed baby bok choy (I could only find the regular), an onion (I chose to use a leek), and yellow peppers. This was my first time getting to play with a leek, though I've wanted to for ages. I felt so very in the know when I cut it up. You chop, then let it sit in a bowl of water and swish every couple of minutes. It lets the sand that gets trapped in the layers sink to the bottom of the bowl without having to kill yourself washing. See? Cool.

Once the leek was sauteed and lightly carmalized, it was so mellow and sweet and vaguely reminded me of cabbage for some reason. The sweetness of the yellow peppers came out nicely as well. All together it was very tasty. I ate it as a side dish the first night, but turned it into some quite tasty omelettes the next day.

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