Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chicken Salad

How time flies! You guys have missed a ton of food! I was cooking up a storm during finals, then furiously preparing for Christmas, then actually having Christmas in Pennsylvania meeting my future father in law. So yeah. I've got a lot to catch up on and hoping that I don't forget too much. I'll try my damnedest. Starting off easy...

You guys remember that I'm on the hunt for the perfect chicken salad recipe, right? Well, this ain't it. However, it was tasty. Now, I'm one of those horrible people who will find a recipe, only use half the ingredients listed, and say it wasn't great. Warning: didn't use the celery or sour cream because I forgot them.

Now this has all the elements I'm looking for: good chicken to mayo ratio, fresh fruit, walnuts... but it's missing something. I say this knowing I didn't add all the ingredients, but those weren't it. Let's dissect. I was screaming that I should be buying purple instead of green grapes while I was still in the store but didn't. I think they're just a little sweeter and it helps perk up the flavor. I really liked the green onions instead of normal ones because it added that bite without me picking through it or overwhelming it. The chopped walnuts are also a must. I think the sour cream might be a nice addition too, so I'll have to remember next time. But what else? Does anyone else have a recipe with my "musts" that I have to try? Let me know.

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