Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Days!

My favorite computer geek managed to fix my computer for free! So I get to show you what’s been going on lately. It all started with a casserole. Admittedly, it kinda sucked, but I did use up a ton of leftovers and about to go bad food. I guess it doesn't matter though, since I couldn't bring myself to eat more than that first serving.

Then, along came tests. Not the run-of-the-mill, I can pass this with my eyes closed tests, but the ones that you have to start studying a week in advance and stress about until you think your eyes are going to bleed. I had one a week for my two hardest classes. Finally, I snapped. I needed real food, damn it. It was down to either wings and a beer at Hooter’s or tuna steak and a beer at Outback. Luckily, I went to neither. Instead, I ordered a tuna steak and fresh broccoli.

This is the food I nearly had sex with.

A little ginger dressing to swab the tuna steak in and several servings of asparagus sautéed in butter made me a happy girl. This was the start of good eating around here. The whole Olive Garden vibe followed; think the soup, salad, and breadstick deal.

I even came home on my lunch break and whipped up a round steak with sautéed broccoli.

I’m, like, jealous of myself right now. It’s been lovely.

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Mary said...

I'm jealous of you. I'm having tests that make my eyes bleed and I'm up to my armpits in young adolescents and children with ADHD. Grad school is turning out to be a pain in my rear.