Friday, July 4, 2008

UnRamen Noodles

Alright. Again, I've been remiss in posting. In my defense, I wasn't cooking, followed by lots of cleaning, followed by a last minute vacation. Since I've been back- a few days- I haven't made anything to be proud of. In fact, I've tried everything in my power to not cook. Why? Because I don't wanna! I am also aggressively stamping my foot. However, I'm slowly starting to accept the fact that it's not so bad and that I've missed it lately.

Once I got home, I ate nothing but fast food, frozen pizza, and ramen noodles. Until yesterday. Oh yes. Actually, I surfed the Kraft food website. I hate even admitting that because it feels like cheating. I don't consider combining a box of this and a bag of that cooking. Of course, I am a snob that can't live up to my own standards. Oh well. I made a close approximation of this recipe and added steamed broccoli and a small can of water chestnuts. I am not impressed with the recipe. But OH MY GOD. Have you tried the salad dressing? I bought the pre-made and it is heaven. It's almost exactly the dressing they used on the mandarin chicken salads at Wendy's. I may end up buying a lettuce farm just for this dressing.

But this counts right? This is cooking? What with the boiling of noodles and steaming of broccoli? Please say it is. I mean, it's not doctored Ramen...

but it'll do.


Mary said...

I think they both count as cooking. And I think I'm going to have to check out the salad dressing. I'm always on the lookout for something that isn't just plain old ranch.

Zylo said...

Please do. Add some mandarin oranges and cooked chicken. Possibly some toasted almonds and crunchy fried noodles as well. It's a whole meal.