Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Wednesday links. It's something I've started on my other blog as a way to share my favorite bits of inspiration with my lovely readers (aka decluttering my favorites list, but this sounds better doesn't it?). My internet recipe lists are getting uncontrollable. Fact is, they've been like that for a while; I've just kept my mouth shut. Mostly, I get an idea and go on a rampage, saving recipes left and right for future use until they get lost again. Still, here are my latest bits of tasty.

One of my cookbooks, that I will talk about later at great length, inspired me to think of mint in a new way. Most Americans are afraid of it. We don't really know what to do with it except pair it with chocolate, but so many other cultures have mastered it. Sparing you my extended list of "foreign" recipes, here are a few Western dishes that are floating around.

French Potato-Mint Soup, the simplest mint potato recipe, potato mint salad, a very interesting pepper-mint limeade, and the classic mint julep. Okay, okay. Here's a potato-mint chaat that I had to throw in. From what I can find, chaat is like a street vendor snack.

Since I've still got those red potatoes and I'll need dried mint for several recipes out of my mystery cookbook, you might be seeing some of these soon.

Speaking of potatoes! Here's one for garlic potatoes, lemon-butter potatoes, crock-pot creamy cheesy potatoes, buttery baked reds, lemon-lime roasted reds, curry potatoes, mediterranean reds, roasted with lemon-caper sauce, skewered and grilled reds, and crushed reds with buttermilk.

Also, I've been tagged here for a 5 things meme. I'm not going to post the rules, namely because I don't have anyone to tag after this. Unless you'd just like to, in which case knock yourself out.

1. Roadkill is one of those things that makes me do a double-take. The first time I'm all, "Oh how sad." The second time I'm wondering if anyone would see me double back and pick it up. I love bones. I love those displays of organs in science buildings. I can't think of anything cooler than having a few jars of brains on my bookcase. Dissecting things is like crack after you get over the guilt. In short, I'm a mad scientist waiting to happen. Or an animal necro.

2. I love Indian music. In fact, most of the music I listen to is entirely incomprehesible to me. Without understanding a damn thing, I can usually pick out a hindi/urdu song from a tamil song or a teluga song. Youtube has become my one true love because you can find the clips from all the Indian film songs there. Feel free to browse my favorites. There are many.

3. I don't like to drink anything alcoholic or hot with my food. Sure, a cup of coffee with a pancake can be nice. Or maybe a beer with my chicken wings. But for the most part, no. The only thing I think about with a beer or coffee is a cigarette. Which always reminds me that I can have a cigarette or two with coffee since, you know, I quit smoking.

4. I have turned into the weird cat lady. Not that I always wasn't, but in the last few years... They get to walk all over me. I talk to them like real people. They are my babies. I am their mommy. It is disgusting, but just how daily life works around here.

5. I am a guard dog about my personal life. I share what I want, when I want to. Otherwise, I don't give people my phone number, I don't answer the phone unless you leave a message and I know you, and even then only if I feel like talking. I am not a slave to my phone and I feel no obligation whatsoever to become so. I make my own decisions about my life and do things that I want without regard to other people, and god forbid you ever try to stop me. I bite. Hard.

Is anyone else on blogger? Is your spellcheck not working either? I don't think I've had too many mistakes over the past few posts, but this is starting to annoy me.

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Mary said...

Wow thanks for the cool mint recipes! And for playing along on the meme! I had no idea you were a mad scientist! cool.