Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winks 2-13-08

The last week has provided a glut of Valentine's recipes that we've all seen. Of course, they all look delicious but I won't be sharing them here. There have been a few that are unique though. Like bleeding heart cupcakes. Somebody has frosting skills!

Also, the owner of a knitting blog I frequent has had some interesting recipes using vegetables in ways I would have never thought about. Avacado cupcakes anyone? Or maybe a slice of chocolate cake with beetroot is more your style. You should seriously check them out, because they look so much better than they sound.

While you're surfing around, check out these two blogs. My mom sent me a link to Orangette which is absolutely scrumptious. Especially her recent Butterscotch Pots de Creme recipe. Simply Breakfast is exactly like it sounds. The photography is wonderful and makes me sleepy and hungry at the same time.

Oh, you know how I kept trying to turn my mousse into tiramisu? Well, I did. The mousse is great, but there's only so much a girl can eat. So I whipped it with a little more cream, powdered espresso, and powdered sugar, then layered it with ladyfingers. I've also wanted to make a cake for Valentine's day, but don't know if I will. It seems like such an effort right now. And don't think I forgot my January challenge. I just... didn't make it. Meh.

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Mary said...

Dude, all of those recipes look really really delicious. And I love those bleeding heart cupcakes. Way more fancy than I could do!