Monday, February 11, 2008

Mashed Red-Skins with Boursin and Scallions

I meant to make this with the soup as a side dish, but I got tired. Also, I would have had to wash dishes just to get a clean pot, and we all know that wasn't going to happen.

To start: Boursin is the best cheese ever. EVER! I'd never had it before this recipe. It calls for 4 ounces. The only package they had was a 5.2 ounce, but was probably near 4 ounce when I finally restrained myself from eating it off my chopping knife. (As a side note, I would like to advocate Trojan condoms because damn. If your boyfriend and, say, two of his roomates want to jump in the same condom, I'm pretty sure they could. I feel much safer... now that I tried it out on a box of cheese. I realize I might be crazy.)

Anyways, I'm sure this recipe would have been spectacular if I had cooked the right amount of potatoes. I accidentally cooked too many and it spread the Boursin flavor too thin. I compensated by adding more (salted) butter and some cheddar. They were too soft as well, since I forgot to check them, and they turned out mashed instead of smashed. We don't care about that though, do we? But hey! 2+ pounds of potatoes used with just a few pounds left and I discovered the holy grail of cheeses.

Smashed Red-Skinned Potatoes with Boursin and Scallions

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Mary said...

Oh who cares if they're mashed or smashed? I could eat that entire tray for dinner!

That's hillarious the condom on the cheese.