Friday, January 11, 2008

Sourdough Starter FYI

So, if you think you're cool and can start your own starter without a mix, let me caution you to NOT BE LIKE ME. Why? I'm an idiot. I'm forgetful. I like to break the rules. Of course, I didn't mean to break these, but that leaves us back at forgetful. You must dump half and add your flour and water everyday. Please, for the love of god, do not let it sit out for three days just festering in its original form. Imagine the most technicolor vomit you can, really trippy acid-flashback kinda stuff. Got it? Now imagine that cooking in its own juice on a warm frige top for a while. You want that wafting out at you unsuspecting chumps? No, you don't. Because it's UNHOLY!

Be cool. Follow the rules.

I'm gonna go throw up.


Mariana said...

Oh NO- was this your Amish starter?! I'm so sorry if it was. Are you gonna start a fresh batch?
It's easy enough to do. If you do just make sure you buy regular yeast and NOT the rapid rise.

Zylo said...

Nope, not the amish starter. I was trying to make sourdough bread starter and it went all pear-shaped.

Mary said...

I've always been curious about starting a sourdough starter. Good to know about following the rules.

Mariana said...

Whewww, I was afraid after all that hard work keeping that stuff going since Oct. and all the ingredients that had gone into it!!!
Anyway, I do feel your pain and all with the reg. sour dough. I've done the same thing.... YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. Check these out for some more tips:

These should give you some good guidelines/tips. Just remember to REMEMBER to tend the stuff. It's like another pet always needing that watchful eye.