Saturday, November 24, 2007

Welcome to My Nightmare

There's something I've got to show you. Not it's not a clean refrigerator- I'm working on it as we speak. It's something more magical. Here's a few pics from potato salad day.

This is my lovely stove top, the site of most of the cooking for said recipe.

This is the microwave area, but hey? Isn't that familiar?

Let's take a closer look.

Yep, that's the tiny spot where most of my food pictures are taken. It's currently occupied by some squash, brown sugar, and other... stuff.

My relaxing dining table.

And the computer table- still my most frequent dining spot.

Oh, remember these Starbucks cups? From two weeks ago? Yeah, still on the counter, souring away.

It's utterly wrong, isn't it? I had to clean half the kitchen just for enough counter space to do the potato salad. But! I can occasionally redeem myself. Look at today's pictures. And these were taken before I finished cleaning- it's even better now!

Even the worst of us can get it together sometimes.

Today was another day that I meant to make a certain apple recipe and didn't. In my defense though, this was way more important.


Mary said...

Wow! Very nice! You are much braver than me. I usually just clean off about a 12 inch by 15 inch square off a horizontal surface and take a picture. I think my mother would have a heart attack if I posted a photo of what my house really looks like!

Rebekah said...

Entries like this make me fall in love with you all over again...

Zylo said...

Mary- actually that's what I usually do. I can't be assed to clean it for a picture, but it was so bad I couldn't cook at all.

Bekah- I know, dear. I know.