Monday, June 11, 2007

How Time Flies

Look! It's Monday already! And I have no Sunday dinner to report. I've had family in town on Friday and Saturday, and now without a job, my days all run together. I completely forgot about cooking yesterday. But! To make up for that, I've written up a review for all the chocoholics out there.

If you don’t have a World Market ‘round, get your credit cards ready. I discovered Ritter Sport chocolates about six months ago on an imported candy binge and never looked back. World Market is my most convenient place to stock up, regardless of the fact that the closest one is nearly three hours away. If I wasn’t going to get Ritter on the last trip, the assorted mini box would have convinced me anyway. To my delight I found six varieties stashed in the box, giving me four new ones to try. It is now official, Ritter Sport makes some of my favorite chocolate candies.

There were 2 cornflake chocolates, 1 nugat, 1 marzipan, 1 hazelnut, 1 butter biscuit, 1 solid milk chocolate, and 2 yogurt covered. I must admit upfront that I haven’t touched either of he yogurt. In fact, they will probably shoved off to my boyfriend. I bought a full size of this particular flavor months ago and didn’t care for it one bit. It tasted like sour milk dipped in chocolate- which I suppose it is. But no thank you.

However, don’t let my bad opinion of one flavor deter you. Everything else is delicious. The cornflake candies were ridiculously crunchy after eating the wimpy American alternatives. There are similar butter biscuit cookies out there that might be a match, but this one stands up to the rest of the brand well. I was particularly impressed with the hazelnut and the nugat. Their blend of hazelnut and creamy chocolate tasted almost like a Ferrer Roche, one of my favorites, and the nugat tasted exactly the same. Not sure where I was supposed to find in that nugat, but I didn’t care much given that it tasted so good. The solid milk chocolate is a fine example of the quality. Of course, none of this can beat the marzipan. This was my first love. Dense, nutty marizan is draped with milk chocolate that gives with a satisfying crack in every bite. It nearly tastes like dark chocolate, but I can’t be sure.

If you can’t pass up chocolate, I won’t need to convince you any farther. A good German brand at a reasonable price rarely needs convincing. Go forth.

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