Friday, May 25, 2007

Look at my Hooters!

If you didn’t know the topic of this post based on the above graphic, you’ve already died and gone to Hell. Hooter’s has long been infamous with girlfriends and wives, worried about the fidelity and welfare of their men. Then it created an airline and worried the country about the safety of its passengers. Heedless of these things, the restaurant chain keeps pushing its boundaries, sometime irrationally, but usually successfully. I’m not sure what the critics might think, but I for one am excited about the new food product lines. Hooter’s has been pushing its wing sauce for quite some time, but now there is more to expect- namely frozen dinners, chips, energy drinks, and who knows what else.

I tried one of the frozen chicken strip meals a few months back and have since been hooked on the Hooter’s crack sauce. I’d completely forgotten about that and was shocked to see and energy drink, then a week later, potato chips. Of course, it’s me and I snatched them up. The energy drink is… an energy drink. Better than some. The only really surprising thing about it is that it’s the only Hooter’s brand food product that actually has a Hooter’s girl used for advertising. Perhaps because it advertises “Delightfully unrefined energy.”

The potato chips were the real goldmine. They were supposed to taste like hot wings with ranch. The amazing thing about that is they did. The chips tasted better than their damn wings. Hooter’s is famous for their wings, but I’ve found them to be dry with too little sauce. These crunchy little goldmines taste like the wing sauce with a hint of dressing- more than I can say for the real things.

Maybe I’m the only one excited about this. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s amazing that the girls can make the most hideously unflattering and outdated uniforms attractive. But I doubt it. So if you’re not as cool as I am and taking your man out to Hooter’s for a treat, you can still try a little taste of the forbidden without the added fear of dangerously orange butts.

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