Monday, February 12, 2007

Back in November of last year, I attempted my first beer review. I've tried dozens of beers since and am now able to distinguish this as a wheat beer. Yes, I am the master. Regardless, I wanted to rip this off of my blog and post it here as the start of probably many more liquor reviews. Upon rereading it, I was actually pretty pleased with how much I got out of that one beer. Now, without further ado.

Alright, here is my first attempt to judge a beer. My little virgin lips and fingers are tingly and I almost feel as if the bartender is peering suspiciously over my shoulder, wondering what the hell I think I’m doing. Really, I’ve got no idea. Yet, I am making a brave attempt to start. So, including a lot of new fancy shmancy terms I picked up through reading and no real knowledge of how to differentiate between a true Belgian pale ale and a crap American version, I bring you the Zylo results of Blue Moon disregarding the judging categories and the ratings associated with them because they still make no sense to me. Onto the beer:

My friend is a bartender for Ruby Tuesday and has Blue Moon on tap. Upon asking, she declared it drinkable. Mostly, I just bought it because I wanted beer and it was something other than Bud. It’s classified as Belgian White or Belgian-style wheat ale. So, it’s unfiltered, wheat, and spiced, meaning I had no idea what it would taste like. Beer, I guess. But, in my extremely limited experience, I’ve never had one quite like this. I was raised on cheap Canadian beer, which is more colored soda water than real beer, and Bud light, which is just damn near undrinkable unless served with food. Even my last experience with regular Bud a week or so ago was futile and slightly nauseating.

This, however, is closer to what I think real beer should taste like. First off, it’s a medium apple juice color with visible sediment, going along with the unfiltered thing. It gave me some bad head though. Yes, I laughed as I typed that, give me a break. Thin and gone in seconds. It left no lace, but ran down the side like water. I’m not sure how much carbonation there should be, but it seems enough here. Slightly fizzy, but not overwhelming like soda. The label claims that it’s spiced with orange peel and coriander. Very exotic it seemed until I looked it up and that’s fairly common. I live in a small town- that IS excitement dammit. It’s recommended to be served with an orange wedge, and people have claimed it helps, but I’m not so sure how it would. I’ll have to try and see.

The taste is nice and light overall. I could tell it had a citrus edge, but my palate isn’t able to distinguish “hmmm, orange peel I think” yet, not to mention coriander. It wasn’t overwhelming or bitter, though there was an edge of sourness to it and a slightly sour aftertaste. This is the first drinkable beer I’ve had in… ever, so Zylo is happy. And this is my first beer review, so double yay for diving in “head” first. Cheers.

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